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Everglide Stabilisers V2 set (Black/Clear)

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$25.90 AUD

The Everglide Stabilisers V2 has arrived!

The Everglide Stabilises work with MX-compatible PCBs with noise reduction. In the updated version, the housing has new design which prevents the wire from popping out.


  • 4 X 2u stabilizers
  • 1 X 6.25u stabilizer
  • 1 X 7u stabilizer wire
  • Gold screws


  • Everglide
  • Designed for MX-compatible PCBs
  • PCB Mounting
  • Updated housings for improved pop-out resistance
  • Gold-plated wires
  • Polymer stabilizers
  • Pre-clipped, all you need is grease and lube