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[Group Buy] Orbit By Machina

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Please make sure to use this link to purchase Add-ons for combined delivery:

1. Product Appearance: There should be no scratches, bumps, or defects larger than 3mm on any of the six outer surfaces (top, bottom, left, right, front, and back) of the assembled kit.

2. Functionality: The keyboard should be fully functional without any usage issues.

[Defects that may occur but are within acceptable limits]

1. Non-impacting Use Defects: These include minor issues such as anode hanger hanging point, slight CNC cutting lines, and internal scratches that do not affect the functionality of the product.

2. Appearance defects in tool parts, such as a bruised screwdriver.

3. Products that have been assembled are not eligible for exchange or return.


- Typing angle 7.0°
- Front height: 17mm
- Weight : 1.5kg with Aluminium Bottom Case
                 2.5kg with Brass/Copper Bottom Case
- Mounting style: Silicon pin/ Tadpole ( 70A as default, 3 hardness options)
- Screwless exterior design (detachable silicon feet)
- PCB: Inhouse design with USB-C daughterboard - configurable with QMK/VIA, hotswap, and solder option available.
- A matching carrying case included

Multiple bottom case designs:
- Aluminium Top Case
- Anodised/ E-coated  Aluminium Bottom Case with 4 internal clear E-coated brass weights

- Full PVD Aluminium Bottom Case with 4 internal clear E-coated brass weights
- Raw Finish Aluminium Bottom Case with 4 internal clear E-coated brass weights
- Full Brass Bottom Case with clear E-coat finish
- Full Copper Bottom Case with clear E-coat finish


Solder Layout

Howswap Layout



Anodised Colours
- Moonlit / Silver
- Charcoal / Black
- Plum / Red
- Lavender / Purple

E-Coat Colours
- Snow / White
- Flat White / Beige
- Raw (clear E-coat)



GB ends on 18.06.2023 or softcap is reached.
Delivery time: Q4 2023. Shipping out from Sydney, Australia.


1 x Top Enclosure
1 x Bottom Case
1 x Aluminium Plate
1 x PCB
2 x 2 Custom Moulded Machina Feet (Black and Grey)
8 x Custom Moulded Machina Tadpole (70A)
12 x M2x5 Screws
4 x M2x5 Countersunk Screws (Aluminium bottom only)
4 x M2x3 Countersunk Screws (Aluminium bottom only)
2 x M2x5 Countersunk Screws
1 x PC Daughterboard Cover
1 x Daughterboard with JST Connection Cable
1 x Compatible Screwdriver
1 x Carry Case
* Foam is not included in the kit.


- Raw Orbit has clear E-coat, which can prevent oxidation.

- Raw products are aluminium products that have not been surface-treated and may have CNC marks and small scratches.

- You cannot get a refund or exchange due to scratches except crack or dents

- Please refer to photos here for the actual look of the raw Oribt.

Huge thanks to Markerchun for all the amazing photos!
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