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Sam’s Studio

[Group Buy Ended] S58M Plus Keyboard Kit

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This is S58m Plus 60% Keyboard from Sam’s Studio. This time we upgrade the old version S58 to Multi-Layer Suspended PCB Mounting Plate Structure, we called ML structure. ML structure is designed to improve the adjustability of keyboard, and you can free to adjust the sound and feel. That separate the direct connection between the trigger layer and the case. The switch plate ensures the consistency of the hand feel, the suspended plate determines the elasticity, and poron foam determines the softness and hardness.



More video explaining ML structure:





Colors: E-white, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, Grey


Time line:

GB End - 15 December
The estimated shipping date will be confirmed after the GB ends.

What’s in the box:

- Alu top case

-PVD Stainless Steel bottom case. Please note that the prototype showing in the photos does not have PVD finish, it will have PVD glass finish in the final product.

-Solder PCB -Stainless Steel plate

-Fr4 Plate -Poron foam set


-304mm x114mm x 32mm

-18mm front hight

-7° angle



-Top mount/ML structure

-Aluminium alloy top case

-PVD Stainless Steel bottom case

-SS plate + Fr4 Plate

-PCB: Soldered PCB, TYPE-C interface, VIA support

-Poron foam