NAJA Keys October Update

October 27, 2021

This is our first store updates! We are so excited to share our upcoming projects with you and we will push updates like this fortnightly in the future. 


In-stocks and restocks

  • Switch Foam are back in stock with updated design and materials, new version includes PE, EVA and Poron. 


  • Bingsu Switches are still open for pre-order.
  • Popu Switches are open for pre-order.
  • Both switches are shipping to us, ETA is early December.

Upcoming Group Buys

  • We are now providing customised plate cutting service. Currently we have options of FR4 and POM, Carbon Fibers and Aluminium will be available in the future, please join our Discord for the latest news. The plates will be sold in batches monthly, please check the product page for more details.
  • DCS x Domikey DIE FOR ME Keycaps Group Buy opens this weekend, the ETA is expected in Q2 2022.

  • DCS x JWK DIE FOR ME Switches Group Buy will open this weekend as well, the ETA  is at the end of this year.